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Who are we?

Biome is made up of like-minded people who have a desire to create educational content about the natural world. We're made up of filmmakers, marketeers, zoologists, conservationists, bloggers and journalists, who are pooling their skills to produce content which makes a difference.

Our Content Producers

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Robi Watkinson

Content Producer

Robi has travelled across the world to photograph wildlife; from chasing Quetzals in the steamy forests of Costa Rica, to glimpsing leopards and elephants on foot in Zambia and Malawi. Robi is studying Zoology at the University of Leeds and believes wildlife filmmaking lies at the interface between science and conservation.

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Rachel Matthews

Content Producer

Rachel has been a journalist for five years, working in areas from lifestyle to news but she has a passion for the environment, nature and sustainability. Rachel feels it is important to use our storytelling skills to widen the conversation about wildlife and the climate crisis.

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Emma Hodson

Content Producer

Emma was born and grew up in Mexico and also spent time living in Italy and Ethiopia. She is currently studying Zoology at the University of Leeds and hopes to pursue a career in wildlife film making once she completes her degree. Emma has experience being part of research teams monitoring Arctic foxes in Iceland, sloths in Costa Rica and macaws in Peru.

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Sam McCready

Content Producer

Sam is a third-year ecology and conservation student at the University of Leeds. His passion for conservation has taken him to South East Asia and East Africa and I have always had a camera in hand. His photography has recently transitioned into wildlife filmmaking as he believes this form of storytelling is the best way to engage with people and spread awareness about the natural world.

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Kate Sheridan

Content Producer

Kate has a Geography degree from the University of Southampton and a master’s degree in Conservation Biology from the University of Cape Town. She loves travelling and has spent a fair bit of time in Africa working on various conservation and ecology projects studying a variety of species like hyenas, sociable weavers, sharks and rhinos!

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Natasha Lawrence

Content Producer

Natasha is currently studying for a masters in Conservation Biology. She has a background in science education and is currently teaching Marine Biology alongside her master’s degree. She strongly believes that education should be at the forefront of conservation to enhance the public’s perception of wildlife and emphasize the importance of protecting the worlds flora and fauna. 

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Sophie Bell

Content Producer

Sophie is a Zoo Conservation Biology masters graduate, with a passion for wildlife photography and storytelling. She is particularly interested in African wildlife, but has studied multiple species around the world from Rhinos in South Africa to Bison in Poland. Sophie loves creating content surrounding conservation issues, as she believes education and raising awareness are the  most vital aspects of saving many species from extinction. 

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Liberty Denman

Content Producer

I am a science communicator and an aspiring presenter with a BsC in Marine Biology and Coastal Ecology. Having spent my childhood in, on or around the ocean, my intrigue naturally led me into this field. I now hope to use my passion to drive protection and restoration of marine ecosystems through public perception and policy.

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Our Marketing Team


Chloe Rudderham

Digital Content Editor

Chloe has a degree in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, and she is currently working as an assistant ecologist. I have a background working with various media types which has led me to become passionate about spreading awareness on global conservation issues through visual storytelling.

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Alice Thomson

Marketing Assistant

Alice is currently studying an undergraduate degree in Biology, and has a background in sustainable development and tourism. Her passion for conservation and education have taken her to community outreach projects across the globe. She strongly believes in the power of media as a storytelling tool to help people better understand and appreciate the natural world. 

Our Production Team

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Mike Coggan

Creative Director

Mike founded Biome with the desire create documentaries which drive change among audiences and generate support for wildlife issues. Having produced content all over the world for global brands and charities, he is able to apply his knowledge to the launch and development of The Biome Project. 

Steve Garay

Associate Director

Steve has worked in the film industry as a Gaffer on numerous feature films, short films, music videos and commercials.

Wildlife/documentary filmmaking has always been an interest of his and he is now able to relay his production knowledge to ecologists, zoologists and conservationists who want to make the jump into filmmaking.


Bradley Weatherhead

Assistant Producer

Bradley’s previous experience on short film projects ranges from character-focused dramas to observational documentaries. His recent work also includes the production of video content for social media campaigns. Bradley has a keen interest in producing content that encourages viewers to take action.

Lewis Weatherill-Podbury

Video Editor

Lewis is a keen editor and has worked on a number of our most successful documentaries to date. He has a natural ability to create unique and emotive films.

Harry Bateson


Harry is an aspiring camera operator and editor with a love for filmmaking, and a passion for the observation and protection of our natural world. Harry has edited some of our most successful content including 'Arctic Foxes' and 'Macaw Conservation'.

We're always looking to for planet-positive people to join our team. If you have skills and experience that could benefit our cause and ultimately make a difference to our planets future, we would love to hear from you. Together, we can do more.

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